[Windows 8] Logos Quiz 8

Logos Quiz 8

Logos Quiz 8 for Windows 8 is out!

As suggested by its very name, we the always had the intention to port Logos Quiz 8 on Windows 8 (and Windows Phone 8). You can now finally enjoy a High Definition version of Logos Quiz 8 on your W8 tablet or computer!

Stay tuned, more updates to come!


This game is based on the last 1.9 version of Logos Quiz 8 for Windows Phone, with more than 1000 logos to find and a lot of cool features.

Here’s a quick description:

Through TV, advertising and all kinds of media, we are continuously surrounded by company logos, but how many of them can you recognize?
Find out if you can find hundreds of them in this very addictive and fun game.
Getting stuck? Don’t worry, hints, instant-resolve and even asking your friends through Facebook will help you guess logos.

– More than 1300 high quality logos
– 12 Levels, plus 11 special levels (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, European Football, Video Games, Movies,Flags of the World,Motors,Drinks,Movies 2)
– Multiplayer mode, up to 12 players or teams (Coming Soon)
– Instant-resolve and hints system
– Get help from your friends through Facebook (Coming Soon)
– Smooth, simple and animated interface
– Full keyboard support
– Landscape and portrait orientations
– New Winsows 8 feature: Snap mode
– Exciting new content coming up frequently

The game is free, so give it a try and get ready for hours of fun, alone or with your friends!

Get it right now on the Windows 8 Store: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-US/app/logos-quiz-8/2fed779e-bfed-4213-a602-a63434c688ef


10 thoughts on “[Windows 8] Logos Quiz 8

  1. It is a really good game to play when you are bored. I really like this game probably the best but i like the 3d logo quiz game as well.

  2. keep on getting a facebook error when trying to ask for asistants #2010)(#2010) ….also eskimo in the uk is walls ice cream any chance of allowing both answers if the company uses the same logo in differant regions

    • Hey James, thanks a lot for the feedback, we’ll definitely include Wall’s as an alternative answer in the next release. As far as Facebook is concerned, they are juste taking forever to fix their service and unfortunately there is not much we can do but wait.
      Have a great day!

      • also there is Lay’s = Walker’s

        i also have noticed that if you have the. drinks/motors complete in the classic you can’t complete them in the special.

  3. you also may wish too go back into the european football teams some aren’t named correctly gelsenkirchen is Schalke 04 my advise here would be check there listed name with in there league… other wise this is the best game for the windows platform

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